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Technology is changing the way that business is conducted, between industries, companies, and individuals—making it critically important to stay on top of the latest innovations, buying trends and business models in order to accelerate success. Use these resources to find new ways to grow your business, expand your reach, and keep your team engaged.

Marketing Toolkit for MSPs

CompTIA members get access to the Marketing Toolkit for MSPs, a step-by-step guide with 90+ pages of best practices, templates, resources and more.

07/28/2021 | Toolkit

Drones/UAS Glossary: Terms & Definitions for Beginners

09/03/2021 | Article

Drone Standards Quiz

Assess your knowledge and awareness of drone/UAS standards and best practices.

09/02/2021 | Article

The Cloud Applications Playbook: Success Strategies for SaaS Vendors and Solution Providers

The Cloud Applications Playbook offers guidance to both IT solution providers and SaaS vendors looking to distribute and sell cloud applications through the IT channel effectively.

06/30/2021 | Guide

Legal Resources for Tech SMBs

Guidance from legal experts is an essential investment for tech SMBs. CompTIA Members can use this guide to jumpstart your legal foundation.

06/21/2021 | Guide

The Technology Buyer’s Journey: A Roadmap to Customer Success

CompTIA’s Channel Advisory Board mapped out a technology buyer’s journey with step-by-step details for vendors, distributors and solution providers

06/15/2021 | Infographic

How to Succeed in IoT Security

A hard-luck opportunity opened the door for an MSP to save the day and gain a loyal customer with a new IoT security solution.

03/12/2021 | Use Case

Vendor Channel Readiness Assessment

This assessment tool can help technology vendors determine their preparedness and ability to initiate and implement a channel strategy.

03/04/2021 | Forms

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Hurricane Ida is as a reminder to dust off disaster recovery plans and have conversations with customers to make sure you're prepared to help employees, clients—and your own business—in the event of a real emergency.

Aug 31, 2021, 04:59 PM By Scott Campbell


Looking to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Success? Data Governance Is a Good Place to Start

MSPs have two jobs: keeping a client productive and protecting its data. In today’s climate, an MSP’s data governance expertise and experience are critical to doing both—and could be a real competitive advantage in the market.

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As Cyberattacks Escalate, It’s Time to Change the Conversation and Focus on Real Change

Technologists often try to explain complex security ideas to those without technical backgrounds. That’s a failing proposition, said Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, at ChannelCon Online. We need to change the way we explain what’s happening, how we aim to fix it, and why the customer should care.

Aug 19, 2021, 03:03 PM By Scott Campbell


4 Reasons MSPs Need to Up Their Marketing Game

While most MSPs understand the importance of marketing, they often don’t have the time or resources to make it happen. But strategic marketing can improve the customer experience, set you apart from the competition, and ultimately, translate to business growth.

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