IT Workforce & Diversity

Recruiting, retaining and engaging a skilled IT workforce continues to be a challenge for technology businesses. To be competitive in today’s marketplace, developing an inclusive workplace culture while filling the pipeline for technology careers must be a priority. Here, you’ll find best practices for hiring IT pros, guidance on IT salaries, how to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, and more.

State of the Tech Workforce UK 2024

CompTIA's State of the Tech Workforce UK provides an in depth look at employment, economic impact, technology trends and more.

07/17/2024 | Research

Skills Assessment and Development Playbook for MSPs

CompTIA members get access to The Skills Assessment and Development Playbook, a comprehensive guide on training, upskilling, and skills analysis.

05/17/2024 | Toolkit

The CompTIA Community MSP Guidebook: Cultivating a Culture of Process Efficiency

The CompTIA MSP Guidebook helps MSPs transform their business and culture by identifying areas of improvement, best practices and more.

01/08/2024 | Whitepaper

European Tech Hiring Trends 2022

CompTIA’s European Tech Hiring Trends provides an in-depth look at hiring trends across 10 markets.

12/21/2022 | Research

CompTIA UK Tech Town Index 2022

Learn which top 10 UK cities are best to jumpstart your tech career with affordable living and a great quality of life.

10/25/2022 | Research

Business Technology Adoption and Skills Trends

CompTIA’s Business Technology Adoption and Skills Trends covers the strategic, technology and workforce priorities of employers across seven countries.

09/13/2022 | Research

DEI Infographic

This glossary is designed to help provide a common language around DEI and facilitate an understanding of key terms and phrases.

07/28/2022 | Infographic

The Human Side of IT: Building a Positive Impact on Local Government Service Delivery

With federal funding from ARPA and the infrastructure bill streaming into local government, agencies are able to procure more IT tools, applications and solutions.

03/16/2022 | Article

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