Channel Standards for Managed Print Providers

channel-standardsThe CompTIA Channel Standard: Managed Print Providers provides intelligent business practices for the core operational, management, and delivery functions of a managed print services firm. By pairing this Channel Standard with the CompTIA Channel Standard for IT Solution Providers, a full picture of functional best practices for your business is created. Those functions have been categorized as follows:

  • Business Generation – Proposal, Contract, Marketing, Sales, Requirements Gathering & Specification, Customer Analysis
  • Delivery & Operations – Benchmarking, Incident Management, Preventative Maintenance, Reporting, Support 3rd Party Agreements, Understand Competencies
  • Customer Relations – Transparent Billing
  • Business Direction –Identify and reuse common elements within your business to reduce risks



Workbook: CompTIA Channel Standard: Managed Print Providers

This Workbook has been created to provide a guide through a self-evaluation of a Managed Print Provider organization. It combines all of the content from the CompTIA Channel Standard for IT Solution Providers and the Standard for Managed Print Providers. It contains these elements to assist:

  • Intelligent business practices – the behavior, activity, process, or expectation to be met. These are phrased as positive statements and can be used to describe your business to clients, partners or other interested parties.
  • Explanation and clarification – additional information that expands the business practice and identifies the intent of the practice.
  • Questions to consider – a representative list of questions that should be posed to a management team about the practice. These may inspire other questions specifically related to the business as well. Use these questions to guide management conversation related to the self-evaluation.
  • Recommended practices – a description of what a 3rd party might be looking for if they were to examine the business. These can be used to help identify where improvement opportunities may lie or where a unique differentiator of the business may be hidden