CompTIA UK&I Cybersecurity Committee Meeting - December


Committee chair Greg Jones of Datto/Kaseya and vice chair Kyle Torres of Sophos will be joined by guest speakers and delving into these important topics:

- Open & Cyber Threat Landscape Update - this will equip attendees with the latest insights into emerging threats, vulnerabilities and trends, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges facing businesses in 2024

- Using Cybersecurity Frameworks Within Your Business to Drive Cyber - this will empower attendees with actionable strategies to leverage cyber frameworks effectively, ensuring a proactive and strategic approach to cybersecurity within their organisations

- Selling Cybersecurity with the Power of Cybersecurity Frameworks - learn how to effectively communicate and sell cybersecurity solutions by leveraging established cyber frameworks

- Top 10 Cybersecurity Giveaways - gain insights into readily available resources, tools and practices that can significantly enhance cybersecurity posture.

This meeting is open to anybody with an interest in cybersecurity and is free to attend.

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