UK Business Technology Community Webinar: Building Stronger Partnerships

In this webinar discussion Tim shares both sides of the vendor/solution provider conversation he had at a face to face meeting with community peers and how it helped forge stronger partnerships.

We will then continue the webinar with a 20 minute open discussion to get attendee input that we can share our with the wider community.

We focus on issues faced by MSPs who work with Vendors who set high level of engagement before partnership is agreed or supported. Transitioning to the Cloud, how do Vendor partner programs fit this model – is a partner penalised for the need to move form large up front paid Capex to meet the flexible on off nature of the cloud? What does a Good partnership look like for an MSP?

Join this discussion to see how we can work together, share and grow.

Time: 3:00 - 3:40 PM BST

Tim Swainson has a background in cybersecurity, spanning 15+ years at resellers, managed service providers and distributors. He now represents Kemp to the UK channel of cloud, hosting and service providers, ensuring Kemp's flexible offering of subscription, pay-as-you-go and consumption-based license models are accessible to all.

Current Role:

Supporting, introducing and growing the awareness of Kemps offering to be built into services within the Cloud and Service provider UK channel.


Having held roles in all areas of the IT channel since 2004 I have had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest and the worst examples of the IT channel. I have been able to take messages that for many have been new unheard, not seen before, and turn them into routes for business revenue and growth. For example, taking Vendors to market via a distributor and a channel that had not considered monthly payment options before, Enabling growth and reach for all involved removing the upfront costs involved in delivering next generation IT services to customers of all types and sizes.

As an individual, I love to travel to discover new and exciting activities, customs or, ways of life along with being a man who loves an audience and enjoys being in front of a crowd to share thought-leading ways to look at something that many may have seen and viewed in a different way before.

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