Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Improve Your Cybersecurity Services

Fostering better communication and information sharing between MSPs and MSP tool vendors is critical in combatting the never-ending number of cybersecurity threats. From sharing actionable cyber threat intelligence to facilitating better communication between channel vendors, we need to work together to advance the cyber resilience of the global tech industry. In this session, you will learn how members are leveraging the CompTIA ISAO to improve their own business as well as their customers’. Discover how one member responded to the Kaseya attack in July with the ISAO's help and the initiatives we have launched as a result of that attack to improve our collective ability to respond to the next one. Hear from CompTIA ISAO members first-hand in an interactive and engaging conversation about leveraging threat intelligence to improve your cybersecurity services.

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (GMT)


Patrick Burgess

MJ Shoer

Ian Thornton-Trump

James Wilson

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