How Do I Operationalize Threat Intelligence in my SOAR or SIEM? Part 3 in the Threat Intelligence Webinar Series

Join Wayne R Selk, executive director of the CompTIA ISAO and threat intelligence experts from Platform Partner, Splunk and learn how to maximize your threat intelligence competencies bring your security solutions to life. For those who leverage SIEM and SOAR capabilities, discuss basic and advanced use cases that demonstrate how to automate and orchestrate data in the CompTIA ISAO Enclave alongside other OSINT and Commercial Intelligence.

Tyler Bent, Solutions Engineer at Splunk
Prior to joining Splunk via the acquisition of TruSTAR, Tyler spent several years as an analyst at the IT-ISAC. There he spent his time reviewing, curating and disseminating threat intelligence to their members. At TruSTAR he worked as a Technical Community Manager ensuring that each of TruSTAR's partners was an expert in the use of the platform. Now at Splunk, Tyler works as a Solutions Engineer focused on architecting and deploying Splunk's Security portfolio.

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