CompTIA PTI Members-Only Tech Talk | February Meeting

Federal Funding for Cyber: Start Planning Now!

The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act allocates $2 billion for strengthening the nation’s cyber resiliency, including $1 billion in grants to improve state and local government cybersecurity programs. While the details of how and when this funding will be distributed to cities and counties is still being worked out, for local officials the time to start planning for how you might use the new funding is now. We often get the question “Where should I start when it comes to the new cyber funding?” During this Tech Talk we will answer that question by sharing the immediate steps your organization should take, then, we will look at the approach Roanoke County, Virginia has chosen as officials prepare for the new grant opportunities.


Dr. Alan Shark, Executive Director, CompTIA Public Technology

Maria Ward, Assistant Director, Department of Communications and Information Technology, Roanoke County, Virginia

Jurisdiction members are invited to participate in Public Technology Institute's December monthly meeting. Please contact Dale Bowen at [email protected] with any questions.

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