CompTIA ISAO December Member Meetup

Join your CompTIA ISAO peers in an open forum where you drive the topic.  MJ Shoer, senior vice president and executive director, hosts this interactive session where you can ask questions, discuss current challenges and develop the forums you need for your business. Sharing information and ideas is critical to our cybersecurity resilience and this monthly meetup allows members  to help each other, be heard and get more value from your CompTIA ISAO membership.  Additionally, there will be cyber analysts from  IT-ISAC, TruSTAR and other cybersecurity professionals in attendance  to join the discussion. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss current cyber threats, share best practices and network with your fellow CompTIA ISAO members in a safe, collaborative space.

*This meeting is not recorded and will not be rebroadcast in any form.

This webinar is open to current members of the CompTIA ISAO.

To access the registration link and login details, please log in to your ISAO Cyber Forum account.

Please contact with any questions.