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Focused on the benefits of ChannelCon Online Solutions Showcase

There’s no doubt that the industry trade shows we all know and love look a lot different in 2020. Luckily at CompTIA, we know how to deliver high value in a virtual format, and the ChannelCon Online Solutions Showcase will be no exception. We can’t wait to deliver these silver linings directly to the comfort of your home or office.


No Travel Costs or Hassle

You will save considerable funds by not having to travel or take time away from work to participate in an in-person Technology Vendor Fair (TVF). Plus, you will be able to register more individuals from your company since you don’t have to send your staff to the event.


Time & Cost Savings from Booth Design, Freight and Shipping

Physical booth designs require time and investment – not to mention the hefty expense to ship your material and products. Creating your Solutions Showcase profile on MyChannelCon takes hours not weeks. Added benefit, you can update or edit your profile page anytime, anywhere including adding or removing company representatives. You control what and how much information that you want to share with attendees.


Quality Communication

Let’s face it: In-person trade shows can be noisy and filled with interruptions as attendees walk by the booth or cue up at the buffet. In our virtual Solutions Showcase on the other hand, you have the chance at quality communications between attendees and your company professionals. This communication is focused, and you have the opportunity for direct conversations in the platform. As a Solutions Showcase participant, you can track the interactions that occur on your profile page pre, during and post event and during your virtual meetings. This will help eliminate the need for note taking, badge scanning or the collection of business cards from attendees for follow-up.


More Visibility

Suddenly, you no longer need to worry about being at the back of the hall or far away from the lunch buffet tables to get traffic and be seen. With the easy to follow alphabetical listing and identifiable tags, attendees can find and search for Solutions Showcase participants and easily click on as many profiles and make as many connections as they like without having to hike it to the back of the hall or decide the lunch buffet or bar looks more attractive.


Less Waste

We all know that trade shows can have a bad rap for producing an enormous amount of waste each year. This comes in the form of discarded packaging, collateral carpeting, furniture and more. And swag! All the swag that is disposed after each event is a real cost to you and the environment. So “going virtual” is also “going green” in many ways.

Convinced? Contact us today to reserve a spot in the Solutions Showcase!

*Participation is included in vendor/distributor dues at the $1375 level and above.

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