Practical Insights on AI

Research - Member ContentPublished : May 24, 2019

Tags : Technology Solutions | Industry Trends

One of the biggest questions with any new technology is always how businesses are putting the technology to use. As companies are attempting to become more aggressive with technology adoption, they are discovering how challenging it can be to bridge the gap between theoretically possible and practically achievable. Artificial intelligence is a prime example right now of a concept that companies are grappling to understand and find ways to implement.

To augment CompTIA’s quantitative research study Emerging Business Opportunities in AI, Cascade Insights recruited and spoke with 10 individuals. The participants were all leaders of teams responsible for developing and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for their respective organizations. Cascade Insights intentionally targeted AI leaders in large enterprises, as these are on the cutting edge of AI technology. The study participants were drawn from a range of industries, representing a natural fallout of enterprises leading the way in AI technology adoption.

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