Top AI Solutions

The CompTIA AI Advisory Council has identified the most common AI solutions that offer the most opportunity for the IT channel and those working in the business of technology. From smart assistant chatbots to language processing to predictive analytics, there are plenty of opportunities for solution providers to find an interest and build a successful practice.

  1. Conversational AI. Examples: chatbots, machine translation, voice recognition and speech synthesis
  2. Recommendation Engines. Examples: personalized shopping functions such as product (i.e., book/movie) recommendations, book recommendations
  3. Demand/Time Series Forecasting. Examples: weather (temperature/precipitation) predictions, interest rates, stock prices
  4. Fraud/Anomaly Detection. Examples: intrusion detection, production monitoring, network traffic
  5. Back-Office/Software Robotic Process Automation. Examples: software robotic process automation that typically automates mundane business process workflows and tasks with software worker robots
  6. Autonomous Systems. Examples: self-driving vehicles, warehouse robots, autonomous drones
  7. Smart Systems. Examples: smart stores (specifically smart carts and checkout), smart homes (more specifically smart lighting), smart appliances such as refrigerators
  8. Prescriptive Analytics. Examples: Demand forecast in supply chain, marketing campaigns, sales leads, optimization and guidance
  9. Image Recognition. Examples: visual searches, social tagging, personal security
  10. AI in Healthcare. Examples: diagnostics and imaging, patient care

Download the Top AI Solutions infographic as a PDF now and click here for more information on the AI Advisory Council.

AI Solutions Infographic