Channel Standard IT Solution Provider Workbook

Guide - Member ContentPublished : March 21, 2016

After you’ve downloaded and completed the Channel Standard: IT Solution Provider this workbook will help guide you through the self-evaluation process for an IT Solution Provider organization.

In it you will find:

  • Intelligent business practices – the behavior, activity, process, or expectation that defines the Standards. These are worded as positive statements and can be used to describe your business to customers, partners or other interested parties.
  • Explanation and clarification – additional information that expands the business practice and identifies the intent of the practice.
  • Questions to consider – a representative list of questions that should be posed to a management team about the practice. These may inspire other questions specifically related to your business as well. Use these questions to guide management conversation related to the self-evaluation.
  • Recommended/Acceptable/Ideal practices – a description of what a 3rd party might be looking for if they were to examine the business. These can be used to help you identify the areas where there are opportunities for improvement, or uncover your unique areas of differentiation may be hidden.

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