Consulting & Advisory Services

Local governments face many similar problems. When was the last time you conducted a Technology Audit? You may be surprised to learn you can conduct such a review without having to spend $100,000 or much more. Tap into the experience and expertise of PTI with PTI's Technology Assessment & Support Services.

Why Do I Need to Hire Someone from the Outside?

  • Even though PTI may say what you have already proposed to your leadership, by going outside of the organization to hire a respected consultant often provides more credibility when your agency is assessing a current management strategy or practice.
  • PTI provides greater objectivity devoid of personal relationships, history, and culture within the organization.
  • The PTI approach includes executives and practitioners from other local governments who understand and appreciate IT as a mission enabler.
  • The PTI approach generates more inclusion by all stakeholders.

What Does PTI Provide?

PTI's consulting services are highly versatile. Aside from providing Technology Assessments and Audits, PTI can also help review feasibility studies, analyze services or program, advise on alternative approaches to current problems, or help prepare a business model or strategic plan. Depending on the level of service you require, PTI will:

  • Summarize in writing highlights of on-site observations – to include strategies and recommendations.
  • Start the process of getting buy-in from top management and possibly elected leaders.
  • Review all IT-related policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate staff competencies.
  • Review equipment roadmap and strategies.
  • Review budget-related issues.
  • Review citizen-facing applications.
  • Review all support functionality.
  • Review interfaces - human and technology.
  • Compare and contrast observed functionality of key applications and services against known best practices.
  • Survey stakeholder perception of how well IT supports their respective missions.
  • Recognize IT managerial and leadership excellence as observed.
  • Improves key relationships among all staff and public managers.
  • Leads to proven results and success stories.

Cyber Security Assessment

PTI's consulting services are highly versatile. Aside from providing Technology Assessments and Audits, PTI can also help review cyber security policies and procedures, to include advice on preparedness, response, and recovery; effective employee awareness strategies; and hands-on exercises that bring together elected leaders and appointed officials along with the IT executive in practicing a local government response to a cyber incident.

So, Why PTI?

For over forty years PTI has been recognized as a thought leader when it comes to identifying trends and leading practices in the management and delivery of technology services. Through research, the development of educational programming geared towards IT executives, and its affiliation with other national associations, PTI has developed a reputation for being a non-biased, technology/vendor resource recognized by CIOs, city and county managers, and elected leaders.

Choose from 4 Levels of Service

PTI makes it easy to budget as there are no hidden costs and in almost all cases - all transportation and lodging are included in pricing.

  1. Interactive Guidance
    PTI executive staff meets with key stakeholders in person or virtually for up to one day to offer initial guidance on a technology or IT governance issue that you are currently struggling with.


  2. In-depth Guidance
    This level of engagement provides for more in-depth problem-solving and fact-finding. The PTI Executive Director and the PTI CIO will participate in one site visit, spending up to three days in your jurisdiction, visiting key stakeholders you identify, conducting interviews, examining your issue. The team will then issue a report of no more than 10 pages identifying their findings and making initial recommendations.


  3. Detailed, Comprehensive Guidance – PTI SWOT TEAM
    This level of engagement provides for a team of up to two subject matter experts/peers and one PTI staff person who will participate in two site visits, spending up to three days on each visit, interviewing key stakeholders. The final report from a LEVEL 3 engagement is comprehensive and provides for action steps and recommendations, including a framework for an effective strategy or plan for the jurisdiction to consider.


  4. Customized
    This level of service is reserved for special projects, such as CIO Search, Broadband and or Public Safety integration, network system integrity, etc.

Contact PTI for pricing details.

The PTI SWOT Team/Peer Approach

Your colleagues from other local government often are the best source of unbiased information on what works. Not only have they faced similar problems, but they are aware of budget, timing, organizational and political implications of decisions.

PTI's SWOT teams (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) consist of experienced subject matter professionals from within local government, and consultants from PTI's pool of technology industry partners. These executives share their insight and expertise and work with you to solve the issue you are trying to address.